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When students first come to Positive Achievement for Math Tutoring, they often say, “I just can’t do Math.” Anyone can do Math, the only requirement is effort and proper instruction. If your student is having trouble with any course from Arithmetic through Calculus, our Math tutors can help him or her build a positive, confident attitude towards Math. More

Science is truly an area that requires a skilled instructor. The most diligent and intelligent student will have trouble learning Science without someone to properly answer his or her questions. Our resident Science tutor has a degree in Chemistry, and has helped students with all levels of Science, up through AP Biology and AP Chemistry. More

Our tutors have taught ACT Preparation in a one-on-one setting and small group seminars. Students and parents regularly write to tell us about the increase in their scores. We like to hear about their scores increasing, but we’re happier with knowing the student is proud of what he or she has accomplished. More

Because the SAT is so important, students often get nervous about taking the test. This is especially true in Florida, where Bright Futures scholarships can open many doors for students’ futures. Positive Achievement’s SAT Preparation emphasizes the makeup of the test itself, along with the concepts the test will cover. More

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